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The Unfair Advantage

The PWR Build buying group, incorporating Power Build & Mega Paints, starts with the fundamental belief that the true value of a buying group in the Hardware, Building Materials, DIY, and Paint Retail sectors goes beyond simple aggregation, into revolutionising the lives of our Independent Retail Members by ensuring they get “The Unfair Advantage”

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The Unfair Advantage is more than just our motto at POWER BUILD. It represents our commitment to extending the basic expectations of operational support, marketing solutions, and supplier deals, expected from traditional Buying Groups. We go much further by breaking new ground, customising cutting edge software and bespoke solutions specifically designed to maximise efficiencies for our members. We recognise the entrepreneurial spirit and active trading nature of our independent retail members and eradicate the inefficient use of time of sifting through endless emails, WhatsApp messages, brochures, price lists, credit applications by distilling the overwhelming flood of industry information into a tailored stream of info to align with each Member’s preferences.

…We understand that time is your most precious commodity.

Power Build’s offering is bolstered by a team of experienced staff, experts in range extensions, category planning, hardware merchandising, shrinkage controls and other operational retail sciences. We provide comprehensive operational and sales support, assisting with order placement, business development, and query resolution. Our members also benefit from a choice of 2 retail brand opportunities, “Power Build” & “Mega Paints”, driving consumer engagement. As one of the fastest-growing hardware retailers in South Africa, Power Build has access to suppliers in over 20 sub-categories, catering to a diverse shopper profile including professional Contractors, Property Developers, DIY enthusiasts, Owner-Builders, Bakkie Builders.

Join the Power Build Revolution: Empowering Independent Retailers and Suppliers in the Hardware, Building Materials, DIY and Paint Sectors. We’re driving the revolution, offering a compelling proposition to independent retail stores, other affiliated groups and suppliers.

Power Build don’t just facilitate transactions; we build partnerships, foster growth, and empower each member with the tools and insights to thrive. We believe in making every member’s business journey not just easier, but significantly more successful.

400+ Retail Stores

Covering the Hardware, Building Materials, DIY, Paint and Auto Parts sectors throughout Southern Africa...

What We Offer

Power Build offers Independent Retail Members powerful value-adding services and options to give that UNFAIR ADVANTAGE. 

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We build a brand with our members.

We assist with effective marketing, exterior signage, social media, uniforms, etc. We foster relationships that are based on consolidation and collaboration to stand out from the competition.

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Competitive Edge

Building a competitive edge together by investing in the brand, we help our members improve their assortment or category management.

We make sure you occupy the best place in
your community.

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Our culture supports our success.

Every day at Power Build South Africa we strive to live by our values and operate within strict legal and ethical guidelines. We also work hard to help each and every one of our members do the same.