Power Build
Power Build

We believe that Buying Groups should go beyond product and price. Power Build offers Independent Retail Members powerful value-adding services and options to give that UNFAIR ADVANTAGE 

The Unfair Advantage

  • Buying Group South Africa

  • Excellent supplier deals
  • Powerful staff options (medical, pension…)
  • Proven customer loyalty program
  • Competitive rebates
  • Building Materials, Hardware, DIY, Gardening
What We Offer

Competitive Edge

Power Build - Building a competitive edge together by investing in the brand, we help our members improve their assortment or category management.

We provide:

  • Operational support
  • Best retail practice
  • Shrinkage control
  • KVI identity and pricing
  • Receiving procedures, layout and flow
    of business

We work together to fulfil our promise to you and your
customers. We make sure you occupy the best place in
your community, to get the competitive edge.
We help you answer the question of:
What are you doing to stand out as a retailer?


We build a brand with our members.

We assist with effective marketing, exterior signage, social media, uniforms, etc. We foster relationships that are based on consolidation and collaboration to stand out from the competition.


Our culture supports our success.

We strive to live by our values and operate within
strict legal and ethical guidelines, and we work hard
to help our members do the same.


At Power Build, we subscribe to a culture of “life-long learning” and believe that by engaging in training, we invest in the future of Power Build. 

Training promotes and fosters individual and organisational effectiveness for our members by offering various programmes in support of our commitment to development, partnerships, and organisational enrichment.

Training gives staff, members and partners the opportunity to participate in the following SETA (Sector Education & Training Authority) accredited training courses:

  • Induction training
  • New hire on-boarding
  • Group training & workshops
  • Online training
  • Formal, outsourced learning Through these training initiatives, our members are able to improve their skills, stay up to date with industry changes and build relationships with other members—all of which makes them more productive.

Through these training initiatives, our members are able to improve their skills, stay up to date with industry changes and build relationships with other members—all of which makes them more productive. This, in turn, allows us to build a strong foundation for organisational direction, establish expectations and deliver tailor-made programmes to all our members and partners.


Power Build offers corporate rates on pension schemes, medical aids, insurance, security etc for all members and staff.

Focused on Member Growth

"One of the fastest growing hardware retailers in South Africa"

Power Build’s offering includes a team of experienced staff with the expertise to assist our members with range extensions, category planning, hardware merchandising, and loss control. Operational and sales support is also provided, with Power Build members receiving full assistance and follow up on order placement, business development as well as query resolution. Our hardware retailers are able to work with Power Build and our suppliers to create innovative branding opportunities, which generate consumer activity. Power Build, one of the fastest growing hardware retailers in South Africa, has access to hardware suppliers in over 20 sub-categories, such as wet trade, structural and timber, rainwater goods, fencing, plumbing, power tools, building tools and accessories, automotive, nuts and bolts, brooms and plasticware, electrical, paint and accessories, security, garden and outdoor, home décor, pool maintenance, wall and floor, tiles and accessories, workshop, and contractors counter. The shopper profile at Power Build includes DIY customers, owner-builders, bakkie builders and contractors.

Competitive Rebate Incentives

The success of the Power Build business model and the existing infrastructure enables us to pay our members the maximum, most competitive rebates in the industry.

Telesales & Operational Support

Operational Support

We have a team of experienced staff with the expertise to assist our members in:

  • Range extensions
  • Category planning
  • Hardware merchandising
  • Loss prevention
  • Layout

Service to Suppliers

  • Extended sales force, effectively increasing sales into stores
  • Communication of critical information i.e. price increases, new product info, etc. to all our stores
  • Full assistance on query resolution

Service to Members

  • Dedicated BDMs
  • Full assistance on query resolution
  • Strong personal contact and a commitment to excellent service


Each region houses a business development manager (BDM) covering a pre-determined area. The BDM reports directly to the national office, but will have an indirect reporting line to the GM of every region in terms of daily activities.

Marketing Solutions

Our National Marketing Team ensures that our members remain at the cutting edge of the market, keeping them informed and with access to the various value-added products available. National Marketing also ensures the communication of all critical information to our members, suppliers, staff and industry partners.

Service to Members:
  • Access to media support in each area
  • Pamphlet design and printing at competitive prices
  • Individual store marketing campaigns
  • Consumer promotions and competitions
  • Signage and identification
  • Staff uniforms and identification
  • Point of sale material

We have a reputation in the industry for its innovative marketing across a range of formats, including print, radio, social media, outdoor, electronic, instore and branding of delivery vehicles. The Power Build brand has been designed to back our branding strategy, the member’s already-developed brand (which has strength in his community) is co-branded with our Power Build branding to form a brand that has the best of both worlds: the formalised look and feel of Power Build, together with the advantage of the member’s brand strength.

Marketing - The Lifeblood of a Business

So, you understand that you need marketing, you’ve tried it a few times and maybe it worked, or maybe it didn’t, and you just don’t have the time, but you know you should, but…

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Perhaps you should consider getting help to develop a long term marketing plan – that won’t break the bank.

If not, you’ve probably already got your marketing in the sweet spot.

To lay the foundations, it’s important for business owners to fully understand market conditions. In South Africa, there is a misconception about WHO is online. In the Building Materials and Hardware Retail category, we recommend you should assume any NEW customers you want to attract will be online, and if this is the case, you need to reach them where they are looking for your products and services.

South Africa - (January 2021)

Population of 59.67 million

  • 38.19 million internet users
  • 25.00 million social media users
  • 100.6 million mobile connections
What does Power Build Offer?

We believe we need to offer our members the ability to improve their marketing in a manner that suits each specific need. Below are some PRACTICAL solutions that members are encouraged to apply

Marketing knowledge can be broken down into 3 levels:

NEWBIES: Dabbled a bit, but new to structured marketing.

SEMI-ADVANCED: Understand it, do it, but need some help and consistency

SOPHISTICATED: Has a well-defined strategy with clear measurements.

For those that are...


A set of basic building blocks required to create a suitable launchpad for successful marketing.

Get a Website
You do not need a 300 page website with all your products. Get a custom domain with a basic website to put your specials, blog posts and contact details. Also get your custom email address i.e. not @gmail or @telkom etc.

Set up your Google MyBusiness Page
Our advice, “Do this ASAP and do it properly”.

Have a Facebook Business Page
Stats show this is where people spend SO MUCH of their time (more than on TV). Be visible where your customers are looking!

Pay to advertise on Google & your Facebook/Instagram pages. The cost to reach TARGETED people, in your area, is probably 15% of the cost of getting similar results from printed leaflets. Advertise regularly and use professionals.


We'll assume you already have the basic building blocks.

Customer Databases
Specialise in constantly building your customer database (It is 7x more costly to get one new client than to keep one).

Content Marketing
With the building blocks in place, online ads running and databases to use, you now need content. Content is what keeps people engaged with you, builds relationships, trustworthiness and loyalty. 

Customers get used to routine and structure. Make sure you are engaging them with content they WANT to consume i.e.: of value to them, NOT hard-sell advertising that no one wants.

Make sure that at least 65% of your marketing spend has a measurable ROI (the other 35% is normally Brand Advertising that is very difficult to measure).

Expand Media Platforms
Once your online strategy is properly in place, consider expanding your reach across other platforms relevant to your area (Billboards, Local News, Street Pole Ads etc.)

WhatsApp Business
Have you explored the business benefits of this new platform?


We’d love to chat and we can learn from one another.

We Complete You

While Buying and Operations form the backbone of your retail business, marketing is the lifeblood. We have formed preferential agreements with independent retail marketing experts who understand that a unique approach is needed for each independent trader and offer these services at preferred pricing, with 3 Marketing Models, with these 3 Marketing models below:

DIY Service
Assisted Services
Fully Managed Service
Power Build
We’ll add the muscle


  • Power Build buying teams
  • Regular deals
  • Can assist with print, social media, outdoor & digital
  • Focus on community marketing
  • Custom approach for each store
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