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The PWR Build buying group has a footprint of ± 400 retail store members covering the Hardware, Building Materials, DIY, Paint and Auto Parts sectors throughout Southern Africa including 2 of our own retail brands, Power Build & Mega Paints and a group Member with almost 100 stores, AutoBarn.

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About Power Build

We are a value-adding buying group that functions as a collective of independent retailers uniting under a shared vision to leverage collective knowledge, drive efficiencies and improve buying power, all leading to improved retail practices resulting in better pricing.

In the bustling markets of South Africa, independent retailers in the hardware and building materials sector navigate a complex landscape marked by stiff competition from large retail chains and a customer base that is increasingly savvy and cost-conscious. To thrive in such an environment, these independents need more than just a strong business acumen; they need a strategic edge. This is where the power of a value-adding buying group with retail brand options, optional central account and multiple VAS’s (Value Added Services) becomes evident.

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This collaborative approach is about much more than merely pooling volumes to secure discounts; it’s about fostering a smarter way of doing business that aligns with the 2019 Competition Commission Act. By focusing on efficiencies—such as streamlining the supply chain, reducing wastage, improving inventory turnover, and adopting joint marketing initiatives—the group can negotiate substantial discounts from suppliers, obtain better credit terms, and ensure access to a broader range of products.

For South African retailers, these efficiency-driven savings are crucial as they ensure that the benefits derived are not solely volume-based, which is in compliance with the latest legal frameworks governing rebates and competition. In a market landscape where every rand and every efficiency improvement can pivot a business from just surviving to actively thriving, the strategic use of collective buying power, underpinned by a commitment to efficiency, is key. This method ensures that independent retailers can enjoy the economies of scale typically reserved for their larger counterparts, all while adhering to a legal and ethical framework that promotes fair competition.