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We believe that Buying Groups should go beyond product and price.

Power Build offers Independent Retail Members powerful value-adding services and options to give that UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.

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Why Join as a Member?

Retailers get: Buying Operations Marketing  Added Services

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MEMBERSHIP as an Independent Retailer

Joining Power Build as a retail member opens up a world of unparalleled benefits. Our specialisation in Hardware, Building Materials, DIY and Paint ensures that our members gain access to an extensive range of products and services specifically for their needs. We are so confident in our model that our membership fees are able to be one of the lowest in the industry, whilst offering more than our peers.

Choice of 2 Brands:

Members can capitalise from one of our retail brands, POWER BUILD and MEGA PAINTS. These retail brands are not just names, but branded symbols of quality and trust, allowing our members to leverage their market presence and enjoy the associated consumer confidence in the brands.

Retail Stores / Brands - Power Build
Retail Stores / Brands - Mega Paints

Centralised Communications:

To save you time and help you to become even more effective, at the heart of our communications strategy lies a central portal for Members & Suppliers where we strive to distil all information and communications in an organised and easy to digest manner. We call it THE HONEYPOT

Core Services:

Our core service teams include: Buying Team, Business Development Managers in the field, Marketing Team, Finance & Admin Team. 

Core Events:

We have a mix of scheduled fixed and spontaneous events including:

  • PowerFest – our annual trade day
  • Golf Day/s  – self explanatory
  • Event Sponsorships – eg: Glimlag Music Festival
  • …among others that may arise.

Value Added Services (VAS’s):

  • Financial – Exclusive Deals with Banks, Money-Lenders, Cash Management, Security, etc.
  • Operations – Retail Operations, Security, Merchandising, In-Store Radio, POS solutions, Loyalty Programs, Training.
  • Marketing – From powerful strategic planning to tactical execution, starting with signage, hyperlocal marketing around your store, then following the customer journey: Awareness > Consideration > Purchase > Retention > Advocacy
  • HR & Admin – Aligning with Gazetted Governance for Human Resources and other compliance that include Sharia solutions.

Join the Power Build Family:

At Power Build, we believe in creating synergies between independent retail stores and suppliers, fostering a community where everyone thrives. As a member, you gain more than just access to products and deals; you become part of a movement that champions growth, innovation, and success. We invite independent retailers in the Hardware, Building Materials, DIY and Paint sectors to join us in this exciting journey. Together, let’s build a future where your business not only survives but flourishes.

400+ Retail Stores

Covering the Hardware, Building Materials, DIY, Paint and Auto Parts sectors throughout Southern Africa...

Services Relevant to Retail Members:

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