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Bricks and Clicks: Hyperlocal Marketing for Independent Building and Hardware Retailers

In a marketplace where corporate chain stores loom large, independent building and hardware retailers must play to their strengths to carve out a competitive edge. Hyperlocal marketing emerges as the David’s sling – a potent strategy that can give smaller players an ‘unfair advantage’. Here’s how independents in the building materials and hardware sector can turn their local prowess into powerful marketing currency. It’s noteworthy to include that POWERBUILD do a lot behind the scenes that ensure the basics of each Member Stores’ online presence is in place, ready for each one to promote themselves in the communities they serve.

Cementing Community Connections

The local community is the lifeblood of independent retailers. Cultivating strong relationships with residents and local businesses can transform a shop into a community hub. Participate and support local events, fetes, markets, and charities…become a recognised face beyond your shopfront. Hosting DIY classes or offering space for local artisans to display their work can further strengthen community ties and increase foot traffic.

The Locale’s Digital Footprint

An online presence tailored to your local area can significantly enhance visibility. Optimising your website for local search through specific neighborhood keywords, local landmarks, and hyperlocal content can catapult you to the top of search results. Ensure your business is a staple on platforms like Google My Business and actively engage with reviews and queries to maintain an approachable digital persona. As a Member of POWERBUILD, we create a website landing page, a Facebook business page and add each store to the Head office Store Locator…ensuring you have a solid starting point from which to promote yourself.

Home-Grown Advertising

We post generic, industry-relevant content on all members’ social media pages to give them a head start with powerful platforms for their marketing efforts. We also encourage members to leverage local publications, radio stations, and community noticeboards for advertising. Hyperlocal campaigns resonate more deeply, whether it’s by referencing local sports team victories or offering weather-specific product bundles. Embrace the quirks and characteristics of your locale to create adverts that feel personal and relevant. 

Forging Local Alliances

Alliances with nearby businesses are mutually beneficial. Partner with local decorators, carpenters, and plumbers to offer combined services or joint promotions. These partnerships not only broaden your customer base but also root your store within the local trade ecosystem, often leading to recommendations and repeat business.

Social Media with a Local Heartbeat

Social media platforms offer unparalleled opportunities to create an engaged local community. Share local news, celebrate local heroes, and highlight your involvement in community projects. Using local hashtags, collaborating with local influencers, and featuring customer testimonials can amplify your reach within the area, creating a sense of belonging and loyalty. POWER BUILD offers substantial assistance and guidance for stores wishing to maximise these powerful platforms.

Tailoring for the Territory

Stock products that meet the unique needs of your local environment and customer base. If your community has a plethora of period homes, focus on traditional materials and fixtures. In flood-prone areas, waterproofing products might be in higher demand. Becoming the specialist for your local area’s needs will position you as the go-to expert.

The Power of Local Listening

Solicit and act on customer feedback. Showing that you value and respond to the community’s input can set you apart from impersonal chain stores. Implementing suggestions and addressing concerns demonstrates a commitment to service that can’t be found in corporate giants.

Green for Go: Eco-friendly Choices

Promote sustainability by stocking eco-friendly and locally sourced products. In a world increasingly conscious of environmental impact, supporting local producers and reducing carbon footprints can be a significant draw for customers who prefer to ‘shop local’.

By championing hyperlocal marketing, independent building, and hardware retailers can outmaneuver larger chain stores, creating a niche that appeals to the heart of the community. It’s about creating a narrative that weaves your business into the local landscape, building a brand that’s synonymous with home. In the age of globalisation, the local touch is not just a marketing tactic; it’s a testament to the resilience and uniqueness of independents striving for an ‘unfair advantage’.


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